Edible soda ash
Edible soda ash
  • Edible soda ash
  • Edible soda ash
Product Name: Edible soda ash
Production license number: SC20141133000137
Production standard number: GB1886.1-2015
Ingredient: sodium carbonate
Content: (mass fraction of total alkali content on dry basis Na2CO3 meter)  99.2%Min
Shelf life: 18 months
Date of production: see seal or outer packing
Storage method: put in the dry place of lunar calendar, prevent the sun, rain forest and damp, and do not mix with acid.
Manufacturer: Henan Zhongyuan Chemical Limited by Share Ltd
Address: an awning Town, Tongbai County, Henan Province
Origin: Henan, Nanyang

Edible method:

knead dough to add appropriate amount of edible alkali can enhance the dough strength, improve the physical properties of gluten, texture will be dense, enhance the flexibility and strength; so that the dough extension or expansion is not easy to break; dough tissue closely, the finished color will appear white, dough Fermentation, you can remove the doughs sour taste. Do noodles can be added to make noodles easy to break more somersault, noodles edible no sour, save longer. Cooking meat to add appropriate amount of edible soda ash, can shorten the time of stew, make it easy to become ripe, soft rotten.

special reminder:

This product should be added in accordance with the requirements of "GB-2760".