The 400kt/a Fine baking soda project started

On the morning of September 18, 2017, the launching ceremony of 400kt/a fine sodium bicarbonate project of our plant Zhongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd  was held in Tongbai County, Nanyang, china.

Project planning covers an area of 100 acres, construction area of 24,000 square meters. which is designed by Inner Mongolia Berun Engineering Company, and will be constructed by Zhonghua Erjian Group Company and Sinochem Group Construction Company. It is supervised by Nanyang Oilfield Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd..The construction period is one year. The construction mainly includes the collection of halogen equipment, Baking soda processing equipment, daily baking soda processing equipment, boiler renovation and others.

The 400kt/a Fine  baking soda project is put into operation,  sodium bicarbonate production of our plant will exceed one million tons mark, and became the worlds largest baking soda production enterprises.This project is the largest investment of our plant in recent years, the highest technological content, the strongest driving ability of the market prospects . It is to expand the natural ring recycling economy industrial chain "green project" It is also to embrace the wave of intelligent manufacturing and typical "intelligent project",and expand the daily use of small soda area and create a new profit growth .

Our plant will, as always, hold high the "green cycle development" banner, create a "resource closed-loop recycling, upstream and downstream products continue to chain" feature projects.We are with greater determination and higher enthusiasm, more hard work, to expand the natural alkali chemical industry chain ,to make new and greater contribution of the local economic development.We believe that the 400kt/a Fine baking soda project will bring new vitality of sodium biarbonate product in domestic and foreign markets.